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Our mission is to lead in sustainable, ethical and affordable solar panel solutions for Essex and Suffolk and to assist consumers with saving money on their energy bills while taking steps towards a greener future environment.

We are proud to say we have built our reputation over years of providing unrivalled customer service, from our friendly and honest quotation process through to quality installation and aftercare.



Discover solar

Quite simply, solar panels harness the power of the sun to make electricity. Solar panels absorb sunlight (even on dull, rainy and cold days) and generate direct current (DC) energy, converting it to usable alternating current (AC) through inverter technology…


Solar Case studies

As high-energy consumers, this family of five wanted to offset their energy use and reduce their carbon footprint.
We studied the family’s high and low-energy usage and considered that they would need to generate 6,000kWh a year…


Other options

At Generate & Store, we don’t have a huge range of solar add-ons because we don’t believe you need them. We do have a selection of energy-saving recommendations that will be offered with your quotation…


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