Quite simply, solar panels harness the power of the sun to make electricity. Solar panels absorb sunlight (even on dull, rainy and cold days) and generate direct current (DC) energy, converting it to usable alternating current (AC) through inverter technology. The converted energy powers your home with any excess energy stored in a battery or exported back to the National Grid.

Track and monitor your

solar performance

When we install your solar, we’ll customise and set up an app which gives you live monitoring of your energy usage and system data. If you want to track your contribution to the planet, your app will even show you how many trees you have planted and how much CO2 you have saved every day.

Our support team will have monitoring access too, so in the unlikely event there’s a problem, we’ll usually know about it before you do.

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When will I recoup my solar investment?

You may hear varying reports, but in our experience, 8-10 years is the benchmark for the financial break even on your solar panel system, which have an average life span of 25 years. While the solar energy you generate is ‘free’, you’ll need to factor in the capital investment as you would with any home improvement.

The exact calculations will vary based on your unique household electricity use, and our detailed survey and quotation will outline exactly what your expected solar energy generation and return-on-investment will be over the next 25 years.

What are the options I should consider?

At GS Renewables we don’t have a huge range of add-ons because we don’t believe you need them. We do have a selection of recommendations that will be offered with your quotation.

Solar Battery

Many of our customers choose to have a battery to store surplus energy. A solar battery will typically save you an extra 29% on your energy bills. We’ll advise you on whether a battery option is right for you.

Bird Proofing

Bird nesting (and the resulting droppings and debris) can be a problem, especially if you live in coastal areas. This simple and affordable option prevents birds being able to nest under your panels by applying a metal mesh around the border of your system.


Zappi is a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging system that has been specifically designed for Solar PV, where your surplus energy can be transferred to the system.

Solar iBoost+ immersion diverter

Automatically transfer unused excess electricity into your hot water tank without the need for a solar battery, which can offer additional savings on gas or oil.

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