As well as our manufacturer warranties, our solar panel installation comes with our fully encompassing five-year warranty. So, if anything goes wrong in the first five years you simply have to give us a call.

Contrary to some misleading advertising, there are no grants available in the UK for solar installations. In our experience, if you do need to borrow capital, the most cost-effective option is a home improvement loan from a high street lender.

We’ll usually have our scaffolding team on site a couple of days before installation, and we average two to three days on site for completion. We’ll keep you updated throughout and always leave a clean and tidy site with minimum disruption.

In almost all cases, solar installation comes under permitted development. If you do have a listed building or are in a conservation area we can help you with the specifications you’ll need.

Yes, you will be able to sign a contract with your energy provider either under the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) or more exciting options from market leaders such as Octopus. You will be a paid a rate for each kWh you put back to the grid, this will depend on your contracted partner.

Solar PV installations on domestic properties are not liable for any value added tax (vat).

You may see a lot of complex information out there, but we will always give you a simple specification based on the number of panels you need to generate the electricity you will use.

Again, contrary to some of the information out there, solar panels will generally be maintenance free, and rainwater is enough to keep them clean.

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